Thursday, March 1, 2012

Instagrams 6

The March edition of our Instagram collage ...

Row 1: gator heads; iTunes cover flow; Surrender; Emi shaking it off; heart-shaped donuts; Hawaiian Air / Pratt & Whitney EcoPower demo.

Row 2: K2 Dyno remote controller; Fat Tuesday malasada line; Kuala Lumpur- bound 737; glass tiles; Hawaiian Islands Invitational game ball; streaky clouds.

Row 3: hula statue at Hilton Hawaiian Village; '70s-era Panasonic radio; Emi sleeping; rain on sunroof; chandelier at Nordstrom's; river rocks.

Row 4: nice tail; yellow flowers, grey leaves; traffic accident; Pratt & Whitney cap; Spanish lavender; Mokule‘ia Beach.

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