Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flying Whale

World-renowned marine artist Wyland was commissioned to paint an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-700 airliner. The title of this piece of art is called "Koholālele", or Flying Whale. It took Wyland two days to paint this humpback whale, as well as other marine life on this 737. The aircraft was unveiled to the Aloha employees, media, and the general public in a ceremony yesterday. Wyland (right) is seen here with Aloha Airlines' Kenny Tolentino on the snorkel, as he adds to this part of the painting.

To see the entire aircraft, check out the HNL Rarebirds blog.

It was an awesome experience to watch and capture the entire painting process from the grease pencil sketchings to the hand-painted details. I was amazed how this 737 was transformed from a blank slate into a masterpiece. Wyland turned this "$100 miilion canvas" into a work of art that will be seen wherever Aloha flies, as the aircraft gets rotated around its bases. Throughout the painting process, heads turned to take a peek at Wyland's latest project from the inter-island terminal, even from passengers on other airliners taxiing by.

I would love to see this 737 parked next to Southwest Airlines' 737 "Shamu One" somewhere in California.

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