Sunday, July 1, 2012

InstaGram Ōlloclip

The InstaGram collage for July is a compilation of photos taken with the Ōlloclip. It's a three-lens clip-on attachment for iPhone4s that features a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens.

Row 1: haole koa flower (macro); Campbell High School graduation rehearsal at Aloha Stadium (fisheye); solar halo (fisheye); down escalator at Nordstrom's (wide); tiny flower (macro); Emi (fisheye).

Row 2: swirling clouds (fisheye); wedding bouquet exhibition (fisheye); painting with light (fisheye); street art in Kaka‘ako (wide); water droplet on a leaf (macro); frets and strings (macro).

Row 3: water droplet on a blade of grass (macro); saimin and teriburger combo from Shige's Saimin Stand (wide); clouds and Norfolk pines (fisheye); center of a vinca flower (macro); inside a spiral walkway at Aloha Stadium (fisheye); Atkinson Drive at night (fisheye).

Row 4: the shave ice patrons outside Matsumoto Store (wide); Federal Hydra-Shok bullet (macro); wedding chapel (fisheye); prop cone and self-portrait (fisheye); TV camera at the Rainbow Wahine Stadium (fisheye); NAS Barber's Point monument (fisheye).