Sunday, July 1, 2012

InstaGram Ōlloclip

The InstaGram collage for July is a compilation of photos taken with the Ōlloclip. It's a three-lens clip-on attachment for iPhone4s that features a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens.

Row 1: haole koa flower (macro); Campbell High School graduation rehearsal at Aloha Stadium (fisheye); solar halo (fisheye); down escalator at Nordstrom's (wide); tiny flower (macro); Emi (fisheye).

Row 2: swirling clouds (fisheye); wedding bouquet exhibition (fisheye); painting with light (fisheye); street art in Kaka‘ako (wide); water droplet on a leaf (macro); frets and strings (macro).

Row 3: water droplet on a blade of grass (macro); saimin and teriburger combo from Shige's Saimin Stand (wide); clouds and Norfolk pines (fisheye); center of a vinca flower (macro); inside a spiral walkway at Aloha Stadium (fisheye); Atkinson Drive at night (fisheye).

Row 4: the shave ice patrons outside Matsumoto Store (wide); Federal Hydra-Shok bullet (macro); wedding chapel (fisheye); prop cone and self-portrait (fisheye); TV camera at the Rainbow Wahine Stadium (fisheye); NAS Barber's Point monument (fisheye).


Pat Tillett said...

That is pretty cool. The quality of cell phone photos is pretty amazing these days.

Pat Tillett said...

Hi there! How are you doing?
Everything okay?

Blue Wave 707 said...

Just been busy with a whole bunch os stuff, and need to take a break. Will be posting again in the near future.