Friday, December 28, 2007

Missed Approach

"Aloha 481 declaring a missed approach for Eight Left ... going around", was what I heard over my scanner as we were making our final approach to HNL's Runway 8L. Upon making our turn abeam Ewa Beach to line up with 8L, I thought we were a bit high, but thought the pilot would descend quickly as we closed in. Nearing the Pearl Harbor channel, the pilot accelerated, and proceeded to turn right and climb out to give the landing another try.

HNL's "Reef Runway" (Runway 8R) can be seen right of the wing's leading edge, metro Honolulu and the Ko‘olau mountain range in the background.


Terra Photography said...

Nice shot out of the plane window. I'm glad the pilot made the adjustments he was comfortable with and that you all landed safe and sound!

Kekiinani said...

Cool shot! :) :)