Saturday, August 9, 2008

Press Corps

US Presidential candidate Barack Obama (D) is chartering a North American Airlines 757-28A, N755NA (c/n 30043), and the jet has been painted in special colors for his campaign. Senator Obama (D-IL) was born in Honolulu, and graduated from Punahou School, and is here with his family to vacation, visit with family living here, and appear at a political fundraiser. They arrived yesterday, and will spend a week in the islands.

In today's photo, the press corps traveling with the Obamas' exit the specially-painted 757 through the rear exit door. The flight was scheduled to land around noon, but was delayed for over two hours. I wanted to get a photo of the plane, and thought it had already arrived. I found a vantage point where local TV camera crew were waiting, and was allowed to take photos of the arrival alongside them. I'm thankful that the airport security staff allowed to get a photo op of the 757 as it taxied to its parking spot. I did not really care if I got a shot of Obama, I just wanted the plane, and I got it. The press corps exited the aircraft first, and in fact the Obamas' had yet to exit the aircraft when I left, which was about 20 minutes after the plane parked.

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