Saturday, February 13, 2010

Signing & Portrait

To finish off the painting of "Koholālele", Wyland used a spray gun to sign his masterpiece at the port side aft section of the jet (top). During the media event, Wyland also put his signature by the main entry door, under the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Wyland posed with one of his paint brushes, while sitting aboard a moving scaffold, next to his work of art (above). After submitting this photo to Aloha Airlines, I was told it ran on the PR Newswire video screen in Times Square, New York City, along with a wide shot of the 737. Needless to say, my jaw almost hit the floor... I've had photos published in international magazines, but never on a video board!

Sadly, when Aloha Airlines shut down at the end of March 2008, N748AL was returned to its leasing company, and it meant "Koholālele" would never be. About six months after the shut down, VARIG (Brazil) leased the aircraft, and was re-painted in their colors, and re-registered PR-VBV.

It was an honor to work alongside an artist the caliber of Wyland, and to have been considered worthy to capture the process. I'd have to say, this has been the biggest assignment I've had.

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