Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram 9

The June edition of the Instagram collage features Instagram images from the 2012 Lantern Floating Hawai‘i, that was held this past Memorial Day.

Row 1: the NEP TV production truck ND2; an ōlloclip fisheye shot of the taiko drum sub-stage and 24-foot jib arm camera; boardshorts and barefeet (had to shoot in the water for the lantern release); sunset with taiko drums and jib camera; sunset colors; ookii (big) taiko and drummer.

Row 2: one of the JumboTrons in a test mode; on Camera 10, during blocking rehearsals; credentials sticker we had to wear during the equipment build phase; Diamond Head and Waikīkī; camera 10 (under the jacket) and the close JumboTron in color bars mode; one of my Summit Blast XS Energy Drinks, that fueled me going through the four-day assignment.

Row 3: an ōlloclip fisheye view of the control room and the directorʻs switcher; looking through my Camera 10 viewfinder; the shamisen player (who played it more like a bluegrass banjo, and had some blues-like bends); bang a gong (opening number); Japanese tourists taking pictures with their lanterns before showtime; bang the drums! (front row of taiko and drummers on the sand).

Row 4: multiple rolls of 300-foot-plus triax camera cables before unpacking; the main stage at the end of Thursdayʻs work day; cargo strap buckles that anchored the scaffolding to massive concrete blocks; scaffold footpeg; triax cable ends waiting to be connected; afternoon sun and clouds.

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