Monday, June 1, 2020

Local Kine Grindz!

Our June Instagram collage features a "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives"-themed food pix from small local eateries. Yelp and restaurant links are included in the name of the eatery.

Row 1: Panko-crusted baked chicken plate from Kau Kau Grill; Swiss Steak plate from Taka's Box Lunch; Teriyaki burger & fries from H&T Burgers Pearlridge; Inamona Hamachi poke bowl from Tamura's; variety pack of malasadas from Pipeline Bakeshop; and Spicy Pork & sunny side eggs from Lee's Lunchwagon Waipio.

Row 2: Hamburger steak plate from Taka's Box Lunch; Chocolate dobash and Chantilly cupcakes from Kilani Bakery; ‘ahi bites from Nico's at Pier 38; Roast beef plate from Taka's Box Lunch; Smoke meat and eggs plate from J&Dz Lunchwagon; and Taka's Box Lunch bento.

Row 3: Lil' Smokies, Portuguese sausage and eggs from Lee's Lunchwagon; Chicken katsu plate from Tatsuo's; 2-choice poke bowl and a Deconstructed Sushi bowl (top) from Poke Stop; Snow puffies from Pa‘ala‘a Kai Bakery; Belly Bowl ramen from Lucky Belly; and the Loco Coco B&G breakfast from Jet's Local Fast Food.

Row 4: Malasadas from Leonard's Waikele; Bento J (grilled salmon, mochiko chicken and hot dog) from Lunch Box Kitchen of Hawaii; garlic chicken bento from Sugoi Bento & Catering; small Saimin and BBQ Cheeseburger Deluxe from Shige's Saimin Stand; garlic ‘ahi plate from Kau Kau Grill; and Oriental Wingdings plate from Taka's Box Lunch.

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